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5/27/05 11:15 pm - honooko - ficbits!

Amanda/Wayne and Theodore/Luna drabbles by me...

And a darling Amanda/Wayne drabble by Miyuki!

12/21/04 05:07 pm - discordia

Pansy is oh so jealous and so darn cute. :>

12/16/04 09:10 pm - honooko

Methinks Mr Seamus is feeling rather romantical towards Miss Luna. X3

Current fanish OTP('s):

Luna/Teddy (in that order. She wears the pants in the relationship. XD)
TerryxMichael (Snogging worship, anyone?)
Amanda/Wayne (Bad me. I'm fangirling my own character. ^_^;;)
Neville/Pansy (*giggle*)
Giant Squid/Professor Fletcher (OMGTHEIRLOVEISSOAQUATIC!)


11/29/04 11:57 pm - brachiosaurid

All this new tension between Gryffindor and Slytherin is absolutely riveting, I must say.  :D

And I think I love hearhear.  :D  He's so adorable.

The poetry club idea was just so excellent.  I like who all has joined Luna in it.  It's so varied.  :)

11/17/04 05:23 am - fmith - "I do hope someone dies. That would be so... thrilling."

I think I love fetchthestyx.

11/15/04 11:19 pm - paragonish - iconsiconsiconsicons!


There will be more, but it's late. D:

Eight.Collapse )

11/1/04 08:09 pm - paragonish - nflhselkfjae <3

I want to marry sherlockpuff and have his SOOPER SEKRIT AGENT SPY babies.

Who do you want to marry? :>
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